Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make from Digital Photos: King of the Castle T- Shirt

This King of the Castle T-shirt is a cute homemade gift that kids can make for Dad to wear on Father’s Day. Every Dad I know loves homemade gifts and this digital photo inspired craft is rather cute!
My favorite feature of this King of the Castle Father’s Day t-shirt is that you can incorporate the entire family in the finished product.

To Make a King of the Castle Father’s Day T Shirt You Will Need:

  • T shirt
    Puff paint
    Fabric paint (colors to be recommended)
    Photo transfer papers
    Digital photos
    Scissors or pinking sheers
    Brown fabric felt (optional)
    Interfacing (optional)
    Twine or string (optional)

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The first step is to wash your t-shirt.

Now, find small wallet sized photos of the entire family. The photo of Dad can be a little larger to help him stand out; it is Father’s Day after all.

Now, pint your photos out on your digital photo transfer paper.

Cut each photo out individually with scissors or pinking sheers.

Now, you will need a large piece of sketch paper.

You wan tot trace Dad’s King of the Castle Father’s Day T Shirt on the paper.

Now, draw a simply castle shape in the middle that really fills up as much space as possible. Be sure to not draw too close to the collar or sides.

Now, randomly lay out the photos you cut out to get and idea of where to draw windows. Each family member will have his or her photo in a window.

You can have a tower on the castle and put Dad’s photo in a window there. You could also use Dad’s photo in the main door of the castle, but we will discuss this option later.

Now, draw out your windows.

Cut out the castle and the windows. Use this pattern to trace the castle onto the Father’s Day t-shirt.

Now, iron on and transfer the photos to the window areas on the King of the Castle Father’s Day T Shirt.

Now, you are ready for the paint!

You can use gray fabric paint to paint in the entire castle. Let this dry.

Once dry you can us puff paint and fabric paint pens to outline the castle and add details.

Be sure to add a flag on top of the castle that says “Happy Father’s Day.”

Let these paints dry completely.

For the emote option you can cut out a piece of brown felt that fits over the door to the castle.

Iron it onto a piece of fusible interfacing and trim the whole door to eliminate any rough edges.

Now, have Mom sew the bottom of the door or the side of the door to the t-shirt, so that it is attached but can still open.

You can sew on some snaps to hold it shut!

Kids will love making this digital photo craft project for Father’s Day and Dad will love wearing it!