Hottest Gifts of the Summer

With the temperature heating up, it’s time that you make purchases that’ll help cool you down. After all, while the heat of the summer is amazing, it can be a bit unbearable at times. With these cool products of summer 2017, you’ll easily be able to keep yourself and your family happy – even during the hottest of days.

  • Portable Air Conditioning

This one is obvious. If it’s hot, you’re going to need to cool down. The only way to do that is with a portable air conditioning. Not all of us have the benefit of central air conditioning. Luckily for you – there are portable air conditioners.

These units allow you to cool down one individual room – the one where you are at. This is going to save you on electricity costs, as well as tons of sweat and discomfort!

  • Sous Vide Machine

This is probably the coolest, most popular gift of summer 2017. The best sous vide machine allows you to cook the perfect meal each and every time. The way sous vide works is by submerging vacuum sealed food into a heated water bath. The water circulates around the bag and evenly cooks the food.

The result is perfectly cooked food each and every time. Sous vide cooking is making its way to the mainstream. Some of the world’s most popular restaurants are beginning to use this cooking technique. Hell, even taco bell is starting to use sous vide machines.

Get ahead of the curve and buy yours today from SousVideWizard

  • Linen Shorts

This one is more along the lines of ShopSweetLuluBlog! Linen tshirts breathe during the summer time. They’re a tightly woven, yet lightweight fabric that allows air to pass-through, keeping you cool.

Comparative to cotton and other fabrics, there is nothing that comes close to the air-flow efficiency of linen. A good piece of linen clothing makes you feel like you’re wearing almost nothing. It’s beautiful!

However, for this comfort, you’re going to be paying a higher premium than cotton, polyester, etc.

In our mind, it’s well worth the purchase

  • Sports Chairs with Attachable Cover

Sports chairs that have an attachable roof cover are beginning to popup at little league fields all across the country. Not only are these chairs comfortable, but they give you the option of providing shade during the hottest of days. This is going to greatly reduce the amount of sun exposure you’re going to have.

In addition – you’re still getting not one, but two cupholders! You’ll be able to cool down with an ice cold beverage!

These chairs can be found at Dicks and other retailers.

  • Heat Press Machine

Family reunions are being planned and happening all over the globe this summer. What better way to kickoff your family reunion than to have matching family t-shirts created for each and every member of the family!

You could outsource these t-shirts, but that’s no fun. One great way to start a family reunion is to have a heat press machine handy and have every member of the family make their own t-shirt upon arrival! When you use a new best heat press machine, it’s super easy! All the family has to do is trace out their name or design on vinyl, place it onto a shirt, and then press down for 30 seconds with the heat press!

Voila! Now you have the perfect way to start off a family reunion. Crafting t-shirts has never been so easy!

With our recommended items, you’re going to have no problem staying cool!