Getting Ready for the Fall – Summer RV Trip

We’ve been so busy this summer with traveling, that we haven’t had a chance to write to you all! We did a cross-country journey across the continental United States in an RV. It was a blast – and something that we definitely want to do again.

It was rough coming back to reality. We were so used to sleeping under the stars, as a family, and enjoying each other’s company.

My husband would cook us such wonderful dinners every night (my favorite was when he would cook sous vide steak). Of course, we made lots of family t-shirts. When we traveled through Navajo country, we came across some wonderful people who had read our post on demin shirts and showed us the ones they made! Unfortunately, they were a bit shy and wouldn’t let us take photos.

We really, really, really had such a great time though. We are planning on doing this again in a few years, when the kids are a little older. Until then, we’re going to slave away at our jobs and dream of the future. Here’s a video showing our trip: