There are a bunch of pastry decorating materials that you will need if you want to make your pastries look awesome. Without some of these decorating utensils, it would not be possible to create some awesome looking cakes for a birthday party. So it may be a good idea to head on over to a bakery or a confectionary store to get all of these cake decorating materials. You can use them to decorate all sorts of pastries, such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies and so much more. You should own these essential pastry decoration tools if you plan to create your own sweets and desserts for a party.

Cookie molds

To create attractive and unique shapes for your home-baked cookies you will need molds. You can usually set the raw cookie dough into molds and then bake them, in order for them to stay a certain shape. And there are all sorts of shapes for your cookies as well. You can get molds that are shaped like stars, flowers, animals or almost anything that you can think about. Having custom-shaped cookie molds can look really awesome for any party. And best of all you can also use cookie molds to bake your cupcakes and give them a unique shape as well.

Cake Frame

To give cakes a shape, you will need to use a cake frame. These cake frames usually come in the form of cake dummies and pillars. You can create some really elaborate cakes using a frame. And it would not be possible to create a multi-layered birthday cake without using a frame.


You actually need small brushes to dust, smooth, and generally finish the detailing on your cakes and pastries. So always have some on hand, if you need to do delicate cake decorating work.

Piping bags

Without a piping bag you would not be able to add icing to your pastries. You would usually throw away an icing bag after you have used it. So it is best to have multiple sizes of piping bags on hand whenever you are decorating cakes.

Icing cutters

┬áIf you would like to add an extra touch to the icing of your pastries, you should use an icing cutter. With these kinds of cake decorating tools, you can actually create some great effects with your cake’s icing. You can add sharp edges or add small details using an icing cutter.


To add fancy patterns to your cake, you should have a cake lattice. You would usually place this kind of lattice onto a cake before you decorate it. And it is a really convenient way to add patterns to your cake.

With all of these materials ready for your baking, you are sure to make some great looking pastries. These are items that you should have in your baking arsenal if you are gearing up for a big party. If you want to make your baked desserts look awesome, then you will need these various tools to decorate them. Without some of these materials, you would not actually be able to decorate your cake or pastries properly. So it is best to have these pastry decoration materials ready before you start baking.