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Hello and welcome to our website, where we provide all of the information that you will need to plan for your party. This is an arts and crafts website that has all of the information that you will need in relation to planning for a party. We have got a lot of useful information about birthday parties, picnics, or any kind of event. Most of the information that we have got on this website is related to the kind of crafts that you will need to make for your party. And those crafts can include all sorts of things such as home-made cakes or even hand-drawn invitations for your parties.

Arts and crafts are our specialties.  We have been working in the craft industry for years. And we bring all of that experience to this website. The skills that we have learned, when it comes to preparing for parties and creating crafts such as invitations, are all from the first-hand experience. So you can rest assured that you are getting very valuable and trustworthy information from us.

Crafting Information

We are the best source for crafting information about home-made party stuff. We provide invitation making guides, picnic preparation tips, birthday cake baking how-to’s and so much more. If there is information about party-related things that you need to check on, we are your website. We have got complete information about how to create the best looking and most awesome party that you have ever held. The crafts guides that we post cover everything from preparing for picnics to hosting a backyard birthday party. So whatever kind of event that you are planning to hold, we have got you covered. You can find information and guides that can be applied to any party that you are planning to hold.


And we also provide inspiration for people as well. If you are running out of ideas of what to do for your party, then you can check out our various posts to get inspired about the next party that you are holding. We have got loads of images and ideas that can help you get your creative juices flowing again. If you want some fresh new ideas for planning or holding your party, then we have got the best inspiration for you on our website. All of our ideas are original as well, so you can be sure to have a very one of a kind party if you follow all of our tips on this website.


By following all of our tips on this website, we can guarantee that you will have a picture perfect party. The differences between a good party or a bad one can be largely determined by the kind of preparation for your party. If you have just bought generic party hats, invitations decorations, then it will be obvious. If you want to hold a more special event, then you should follow the guides that we post on this website. We have got the best guides for creating hand-made streamers, banners, invitations and more.

Aside from decoration tips, there are also a lot of baking tips on this website. We teach you how to bake a cake or pastry and even how to decorate it as well. So if you need information about how to make a home-made birthday cake look awesome, we have got the tips that you will need. And in addition to all of those cake decoration tips, we also have tips for helping you decorate your other pastries as well. Whether it is cupcakes or cookies, we have got you covered for guides about decorating your pastries.

Our Team

The writers of this website are all accomplished artists as well. We are calligraphers, bakers, and general all around creative people. And all of our knowledge has direct applications for whatever kind of party that you are planning. So we hope that we can help you better plan and prepare for your event through the knowledge that we have. We can help you create some awesome looking banners for your party. And we even teach beginners how to bake for their party as well. As long as it is related to the arts and crafts of party preparation we have got you covered.

The posts on this website are all arranged according to the topic that you are looking for. If you want to look for picnic ideas, you can look through our picnic section. Otherwise, feel free to browse through our various posts for more inspiration about parties!