Bleach Stamped Vintage T-Shirt

Easily express yourself with a vintage looking, bleach stamped t-shirt! Not only are these fun to make, they are fully customizable. The kids can help on this one, but be sure to wear rubber gloves and not touch your skin or eyes when working with bleach.
For this project, you will need:

  • – Bleach
  • – Rubber gloves
  • – A dark colored, plain t-shirt (such as a burgundy, black, navy, olive, etc.)
  • – Paper towels
  • – A paper plate
  • – Cardboard
  • – Newspaper
  • – Rubber stamps in images, letters, or both
  • – An artist’s brush (optional)
  • – Stencils (optional)
  • – An old toothbrush (optional)
  • – A small dish (optional)

Begin by first covering your entire workspace with newspaper to protect it. Fold a paper towel into fourths and place it directly on the paper plate. Slowly pour a generous amount of bleach onto the paper towel, and let it soak in.

Lay the t-shirt out onto your workspace. It is advised that you have a general idea of the design of your shirt before you begin. Place the cardboard in the inside of the shirt so that any excess bleach does not soak through to the back of the shirt.

Press a rubber stamp into the bleach soaked paper towel, as though you would an ink pad. Press the bleach coated stamp directly onto the shirt, and hold firmly for about fifteen seconds. The color effect will lighten the shirt within a few minutes. Continue with as many rubber stamps as you’d like, or even add lettering with stamps as well.

Do not feel limited to just rubber stamps, either. Dip an artist’s brush into a small container of bleach and paint a design directly on the shirt, either freehand or with stencils. For a splatter appearance, dip the head of an old toothbrush into a small container of bleach, coating it well. Rub the pad of your rubber gloved thumb across the bristles, pointing downward so that the splattered bleach coats the shirt. Be creative with your design!

Allow the shirt to sit overnight before washing by itself in the washing machine (to prevent any bleach from washing off into any other articles of clothing).

TIP: For an added look, add paint once the bleach has dried overnight. Simply mix a bit of textile medium with any color acrylic paint, and get decorating! Try using stamps, stencils, or even just going freehand with an artist’s brush.