Fashionable, Unique T-Shirts Created by Normal People

There are ongoing t-shirt design contests that determine which shirts would sell best. These contests are judged by the other members on our site. This is the best way to do this, as they are the ones buying the t-shirts.

There are 2 main contests: design and slogan.

The other contest- the design contest where you create a t-shirt design that has no more than 5 colors in it. With this phase of the contest, you’re going to need to use your heat press machine to transfer vinyl onto your design. That’s right, you’re using good old fashioned heat press to make your shirt. We expect you to submit no less than 8 separate heat press designs. Each design should be unique. We also want you to tell us what brand of heat press machine you have used.

Please note that we are not accepting shirts that have rhinestones on them. So for those of you that KEEP submitting shirts with them, then please stop!

Carol from Denver wrote in:

If you’ve ever crafted anything that required rhinestones you know what a hassle it is to pick up the tiny little stones and place them perfectly on the garment or accessory. If you place the adhesive onto the back of the rhinestone, then you drop it accidentally, you’ve got glue on places of the garment where you don’t want it. And if you add the adhesive to the garment, then drop the stone wrong, you’ll have glue on your rhinestone, a smear of adhesive on the garment, and generally, a big mess.

With a new product on the market called Iron-on Glamour Rhinestones, you can forget the adhesives and other struggles. With the new product you can follow one of many included patterns or you can create your own design. A special tray allows you to keep the rhinestones in place until the design is created.

When you’ve finished the design, and all the rhinestones are in place on the tray, you’ll simply place a piece of the included special tape over the design, then lift. The rhinestones adhere to the tape which is then placed onto the desired garment or object. Touch with a hot iron for 30 seconds and the rhinestones are permanently affixed. Each tape piece can be used many times so you don’t have to worry about reordering tape again and again.

The tray is a remarkable yet simple invention. It has tiny, bowl-shaped compartments – one for each rhinestone of the design. The tray allows you to make large designs or small with no trouble. Just pick up each stone with the special tweezers which are included, then place the desired color stone into the proper tray compartment, until you’ve created the design you want.

The Glamour Rhinestone kit contains over 700 rhinestones, in various colors and types, like clear, red, blue, green – even jewel tone colors. You receive the tray, jewels, tape, patterns and idea booklet which will help you create hundreds of designs. You can also re-order stones, or purchase different types of rhinestones, as well as instructional booklets and additional patterns.

The rhinestones can be attached to anything that can accept a hot iron for 30 seconds. Keep in mind that the hot iron will be placed on the ironing tape, not directly on the fabric or object, so there’s no need to worry about damaging most fabrics and surfaces. After applying the iron, and allowing a short cooling period, you’ll simply lift off the tape and see your design, affixed to the garment or other object.

Put rhinestones on fabrics, belts, purses, hair accessories, scarves, bandanas, shoes, socks, luggage, lamps, cards or envelopes, mirrors, picture frames, small appliances, planters and much, much more. It’s easy to customize many different items in your wardrobe or in your home.

You can launder the garments and accessories at home, but keep in mind that heat is not the adhesive’s friend. Wash items in cold water and dry on a “fluff” setting. Items can also be dry cleaned.

You’ll find the Iron-On Glamour Rhinestone products at the Home Shopping Network, online, or on television where HSN is featured. Be sure and check out their selection of additional stones and patterns.

Not only is the Iron-On Glamour Rhinestone line of products a great bargain, but it allows you to make fanciful designs in little time – without the hassle and mess of traditional rhinestone-setting methods. Try the kit today. I guarantee you’ll want to do more and more designs, since the technique is addicting and fun!

So what I’m getting at, is please don’t be like Carol. Make your t shirt according to our instructions and you’ll do fine in the contest.