Woven Vintage Hawaiian Shirts Headboard

To Make a Woven Vintage Hawaiian Shirts Head Board You Will need:

  • Vintage Hawaiian Shirts
  • 2X4’s
  • Power Drill
  • Screws (At least 4″ long and up to 6″)
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors or pinking sheers
  • Push Pins

The first step to this project is to measure your bed. You can make your woven Vintage Hawaiian Shirts retro headboard the same width as your bed, but adding a little extra length onto either side will add lots of drama. You could also make this headboard really tall for a huge impact. The woven Vintage Hawaiian Shirts headboard attaches to the wall, so you are not limited by the width of your bed frame.

The first step is to cut your 2X4’s to length. You will be making a frame, just like a picture frame.

Assemble your 2X4’s by screwing 2 heavy steel screws into each corner. Pre drill your holes so that you do not split the 2X4’s.

Once you have your square or rectangular frame assembled you need to determine how sturdy it is. This simple frame will be sturdy enough for a smaller headboard, but if you are making a taller or wider headboard for a dramatic effect you may need to install internal support. To do this measures the distance between the top and bottom pieces. Cut 2 2X4’s to this exact length. Place one beam 1/3 of the way in fro the left side of the headboard structure. Place the other support beam in 1/3 of the way form the right side. Pre drill holes in through the bottom and top 2X4’s. Attach them with a steel screw.

I like to paint my retro headboard frame out in a paint that is similar in color to the Vintage Hawaiian Shirt fabric. Although the Vintage Hawaiian Shirt fabric will completely cover the retro headboard, you should not overlook the small details. If a bit of the frame were to show through after time, you would want it to look finished and match the fabric. This step is optional though.

Now that your frame is built for the headboard you can start applying the woven Vintage Hawaiian Shirts fabric.

To do this you will need to cut your Vintage Hawaiian Shirts fabric into strips that are 4 inches wide. They should be as long as you headboard, plus 8 inches. The extra 8 inches will allow you to wrap the strip of jute fabric around the frame and staple it into place.

Now, no Vintage Hawaiian Shirt is going to be long enough to make these strips. So, you will need to cut your strips, lay them end-to-end unit you have the correct length to wrap your headboard and stitch them together.

Use a brown twine like thread or heavy duty thread dike you find in jeans. Use a fun stitch on the sewing machine like a zigzag to make this look neat!

Lay the retro headboard frame flat on the ground. Start by laying your first strip of Vintage Hawaiian Shirt fabric flush with the left side of your headboard, running vertically. This strip of Vintage Hawaiian Shirt fabric should be lying underneath of you headboard so you can wrap it up around the frame and staple it into place. Staple both ends of the fabric securely to the frame, making sure the staples are on the back of the frame.

Repeat this process. You should line your strips of Vintage Hawaiian Shirt fabric evenly next to each other. Do not leave any space between the strips.

Continue this until the entire country headboard is covered in strips of Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Fabric.

Carefully flip your headboard over so that the front is lying face up.

Start at the top of the headboard and begin to weave the first horizontal strip of Vintage Hawaiian Shirt fabric across the headboard. It should be flush with the top of the headboard. Hold the beginning of the strip in place at the end of the frame with a pushpin. Be sure to leave enough length to wrap it around to the back of the headboard later. World you’re way across the headboard weaving in and out of the first layer of strips. When you reach the right side use another pushpin to hold the strip of jute in place at the edge of the frame.

Work your way down the entire length of the retro headboard repeating this process.

Once you have reached the bottom you need to gentle flip the headboard over. Lay it on a completely flat surface.

Start at the top left and wrap the excess Vintage Hawaiian Shirt strip of fabric around and staple it securely to the frame. Work your way down the left side of the headboard. Once you have completed the left side move over to the right side. Repeated the process pulling the Vintage Hawaiian Shirt strip of fabric securely and neatly around the frame. Staple in place.

To neaten up the back of the woven headboard simply cut the rough edges of Vintage Hawaiian Shirt strips off with a pair of scissors.

Attach picture-hanging hooks to the left and right 2X4’s that make up the frame. I like to make mine about 4 inches down form the top of the frame.

Install your screws securely into the wall, preferably into studs, and then hang the woven Vintage Hawaiian Shirt fabric headboard.